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    Code BlueScreamin' Heat Enhanced Estrous - 1oz
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    Developed through extensive scientific research and collected with meticulous accuracy Code Blue Screamin' Heat Enhanced Estrous is 100% pure estrous specially enhanced with all-natural female secretions. Code
    Code Blue Platinum Standing Estrous 1.5OZ
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    From  $34.99      $41.11

    Code Blue has successfully developed the most potent generation of big-buck attractant yet. Tested and proven to be 63% more effective: Code Blue Platinum Standing Estrous boasts the highest
    Code Blue Code Red Doe Estrous - Triple Pack
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    From  $11.99      $14.09

    Code Red Doe Estrous is pure, premium doe urine collected during the estrous cycle. Pour Code Red Doe Estrous in scrapes to lure in rutting bucks, or use it on Code Blue Scent Drags while approaching your stand
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