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Code Blue has successfully developed the most potent generation of big-buck attractant yet. Tested and proven to be 63% more effective: Code Blue Platinum Standing Estrous boasts the highest
Code Blue Swine Wine - 32 Ounce
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When it comes to hog hunting, it makes sense to use everything you can to gain an advantage. That is why Blue Code has created Swine Wine. As one of the sharpest animals with an even sharper sense of smell, wild
Code Blue Coon Urine - 2 Ounce
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Code Blue Coon Urine cover scent is an ideal cover scent for deer hunting. More than likely, any wooded area where you hunt for deer is overrun with raccoons. Because they are so common, raccoons scent doesn't
Code Blue Corn Craze Whitetail Attractant - 1 Gallon
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The nocturnal instincts of a trophy buck are no match for Code Blue Corn Craze Whitetail Attractant. Jam-packed with intense aromas and ingredients, Corn Craze is specifically blended to attract whitetails and
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