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    Cablz Silicone Eyewear Retention System
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    Why wear other eyewear retainers that hang on your neck, soak up sweat, get dirty, stink and fray? The Cablz Silicone Eyewear Retention System is unique in the way that they do not lie on your
    Cablz ZIPZ 14 Inch Eyewear Retainer
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    For too long, there has only been one product to retain glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses, a sweaty, irritating strip of fabric hanging down our collective necks that snags and pulls at every opportunity.
    Cablz Extra Large Eyewear Cable
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    The Cablz Eyewear Extra Large Cable is designed with larger diameter rubber ends (outside and inside) for eyewear with larger earpieces. Made with surgical grade stainless steel cable to make the Cablz a sturdy