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    Bear Archery Bruzer 125LB Crossbow - Black
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    Here's A Crossbow That Will Change The Game! These days’ time and money is short, but opportunity awaits for those willing to go after it, the new Bear X Bruzer FFL was built for just this. Relish in the
    Bear Archery Fortus Crossbow - Black
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    Dependable, safe, accurate, and fast! The Bear X Fortus is a must have for anyone looking to spend more time in the woods. The feature packed Fortus is a lot of speed at an investment that still leaves money in
    Bear Archery Torrix FFL 125lb Camo Crossbow
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    The Torrix FFL crossbow from is Bear Crossbows is the mid price point crossbow in the forward facing limb (FFL) series. The Torrid shoots arrows of 355 feet per second at only a 125 pound draw weight. This bow has
    Bear Archery FFL Crossbow Bag
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    The Bear FFL Crossbow Bag is designed to fit the forward ard facing limbs. The inside hook and loop tabs add versatility, and the thick padding provides extra durability. Zippered outer compartments provide lots