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    American Hunter Rechargeable Battery
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    American Hunter Rechargeable Battery is perfect for your MOJO decoys. Battery is available in either 6-volt or 12-volt. The 6-volt battery is 4.5 amps and powers MOJO Mallards and all 6 volt Mojo
    American Hunter 350LB Tripod Deer Feeder with Built in Solar Charger
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    The American Hunter 350-lb. Capacity Tripod Deer Feeder features a heavy-duty 55-gal. drum and metal control housing. High-torque industrial motor and strong no-blow slinger blocks wind and
    American Hunter Battery Charger
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    Make sure your batteries are ready to go! American Hunter Battery Charger is for 6 and 12 volt batteries. Using a switch, you select 6 or 12 volt charge. This charger will charge most 6 and 12
    American Hunter Varmint Light
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    American Hunter Varmint Light is a scope mounted Varmint Light. It is an awesome choice for hunting at night or in low-light conditions. Mount this light directly to the scope on your rifle and
    American Hunter GSM Varmint Buster For R and RD Kit
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    The American Hunter GSM Varmint Buster For R and RD Kit gives your unwanted smaller visitors a nonlethal shock to deter them from wasting feed. It mounts inside R-KIT Pro, RD-KIT