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    Barnes 21539 VOR-TX 300 Remington Ultra Mag 180 Grain TSX
    From  $64.99      $76.36

    BARNES BULLETS INC Rifle Barnes 21539 VOR-TX 300 Rem Ultra Mag 180GR Tipped TSX Boat Tail 20Box/10Case Barnes VOR-TX is precision ammunition loaded with TSX, Tipped TSX
    Hornady 8207 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 180 Grain GMX
    From  $80.99      $95.16

    Hornady 8207 Custom 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Rifle Ammunition. GMX, 180 Grain, 3180 fps, 20 Rounds per box. Each cartridge is loaded to ensure optimal pressure, velocity and consistency, from lot to lot. Much of
    Hornady 8209 Precision Hunter 300 Remington Ultra Mag 220 Grain ELD-X
    From  $64.99      $76.36

    HORNADY MFG CO Precision Hunter Accuracy and consistency is the foundation of Hornady Precision Hunter factory loaded ammunition. Great care has been given by Hornady
    Nosler 60064 Trophy Grade 300 Rem Ultra Mag 165 Grain Partition
    From  $71.99      $84.59

    Nosler 60064 Trophy Grade 300 Rem Ultra Mag Rifle Ammunition. Partition, 165 Grain, 3350 fps, 20 Rounds per box. The Nosler ballistics team, long respected in the hunting and shooting industry for reliable and