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Product Description

The Wonderduck Super Feeder Motion Decoy is primarily designed to simulate a feeding duck and it has a distinct advantage over all other motion decoys. Easy to transport! Because Super Feeder's motor is at the head of decoy. The foot attachments and motor shaft are protected by the decoy’s bill. Having no protruding attachments on either side of decoy makes the Super Wonderduck Feeder the easiest motion decoy to transport of all motion decoys.

Super Wonderduck Feeder Drake and Hen has clear plastic weedless paddling feet that creates a water motion and body motion at the same time. Tremendous water motion is created by the 550 rpm motor. Duck won't be able to tell the difference between the decoy and the real thing. The rate of the feeding motion can be adjusted by moving the clear paddling feel inward or outward. The feeding motion is also erratic, telling ducks that this is the real thing and not a decoy. SURPRISE!! The motor operates for up to 25 hours or more on 2 D-cell batteries.

Product Specifications
A motion decoy has the ability to create four types of Motions; Wing Motion, Water Motion, Foot Motion and Decoy Motion.

(1.) Wing Motion is good; however, under certain hunting conditions, rotating wings can FLARE DUCKS! That is why many duck hunters today use a remote to turn their pole mounted motion decoys off.

(2.) Rotating wings will get a duck's attention at distance, however when ducks are decoying close in, they will flare ducks. That is why Foot Motion is better than Wing Motion and Wonderduck's Super Feeder can be used with either paddling feet or rotating paddle. Super Feeder's paddling feet are approximately 1 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long and and come in a variety of colors. As they strike the water surface they are completely enveloped by water. At distance, Wonderduck's paddling feet create virtually the same amount of visibility as do rotating wings. However, unlike rotating wings, paddling feet will not flare ducks close in. However, if you believe Wonderduck Feeder's paddling feet are creating too much sight motion, replace them with Wonderduck's weedless clear plastic paddling feet. Wonderduck's clear paddling feet will give you the same water motion and decoy motion; however they create virtually no sight motion.

(3.) Water Motion is good and Super Wonderduck Super Feeder's 550rpm motor creates tremendous water motion; however, even when hunting in calm conditions, water motion is hard to see and at distance, or if the wind is blowing, water motion is vertually undetectable.

(4.) DECOY MOTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL MOTIONS! For a motion decoy to decoy ducks it must create sufficient motion, at the right time and in the correct way. Super Wonderduck Supe Feeder creats TREMENDOUS and CONTINUOUS ERRATIC MOTION JUST LIKE A DUCK! For a duck to decoy to motion it has to see motion. If it doesn't see motion, it can not decoy to motion. Its a simple statement, but a correct statement. Wing motion can and will flare ducks. Water motion is hard to see or undetactable. Decoy Motion can be detected by ducks over 500 yards and, unlike rotating wings, DECOY MOTION CAN NOT and WILL NOT FLARE DUCKS! Decoy Motion is the correct motion and the exact type of motion ducks are looking for. Decoy Motion is detectiable at distance, never flares ducks close in and works at all times, reguardless of hunting conditions.
Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
j. Terry Pitts from Germantown, Tennessee
not durable
How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need?
Good movement.I liked the way they performed. We bought 4 before the season opened, and now at season's end only 1 still works. Quality is lacking.
Would you recommend this item?
Yes. However, they should not be left out in the field like other decoys. They should be picked up after each hunt. They require extreme caution in transport and are difficult to carry in number.
Is this item easy to use, or does it require prior knowledge/skill?
Easy to use,but we found that rice stubble will fowl them quickly.
What do you like or dislike about the features?
Strings can be easily fouled by underwater vegetation. They have not held up well to limited use in only one season.
Do you think this item is a good value?
Probably at the sale price if you are willing to put up with the inconvenience of picking them up after each hunt,and you are willing to put up with the problems encountered in transport.
Which flyway do you hunt in?
Does this item have a realistic appearance? Do they float well, stand well?
Good appearance. Some difficulties encountered in very strong wind.
What is the primary use of this item?
The greatest benefit derived from their use is to create movement in the decoys and to create ripples on the water on days when there is very little wind.
Please give your general opinion of this product.
This is an excellent idea; however, there is a problem with the durability of the motors. When they work as they are supposed to they are great.
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Customer Comments
"Very excited to have finally found everything I need for my up coming hunting trip. It can be hard to find larger sizes for my dad and everything was in stock here at Macks." June 2014