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    Whitetail Institute Imperial Extreme Food Plot

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    Whitetail Institute Imperial Extreme Food Plot is the new ground-breaking perennial designed for EXTREME CONDITIONS. It's a frustrating situation many hunters and land managers face every year: some of their best hunting spots have the worst soil. Or their rainfall is so low (below 30 inches) that there is not adequate moisture to support a good perennial forage crop so vital for their whitetail herds and other wildlife.

    With the toughest planting conditions in mind, the Whitetail Institute set out to develop a perennial crop that would not just survive - but thrive - in poor soils and under extremely dry conditions. And they succeeded with Imperial Whitetail Extreme, the latest seed blend scientifically developed by the Institute to appeal to a whitetail's taste.

    Thanks to years of research, painstaking genetic selection and careful blending of seeds, new Extreme can withstand a pH range of 5.4 to 7.5 and requires only a minimum of 15 inches of rainfall. It is also remarkably heat resistant and cold tolerant. In short, it's a tough product for extreme conditions.

    Most important, Extreme provides a high-quality protein-rich food source all year round. The kind of protein necessary to produce healthy deer and fawns and especially trophy racks in the critical 200-day antler-growing season.

    Just as importantly, deer are extremely attracted to the seed blend. As a matter of fact, its attractiveness actually rivals that of the legendary Imperial Whitetail Clover.

    "We've been quietly working on this planting for a number of years," says Ray Scott, Institute founder and president. "And we've really been excited, but had to keep it under wraps until it was absolutely proven. Our policy is to release no product until it is thoroughly tested and proven on wild, free-ranging deer. It was tough not to put it on the market immediately. We knew we had a winner thanks to our field tester reports.

    Scott continues, "Since the introduction of Imperial Whitetail Clover - which is the gold standard among forage plantings - we've really prided ourselves on developing plantings for just about every possible management situation. It's been a slow process because low pH and dry conditions are just tough problems, period. But we did it. And we're very, very proud to add Extreme to our exclusive menu of top-quality forage plantings."

    "Extreme is not meant to replace Imperial Clover or Alfa-Rack", explains Scott. Instead it is designed to be used in situations where those products have difficulty growing. Plus, he adds "it is a great way to offer more nutrition variety to deer.

    According to Scott, "Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack, while far better than other perennials, have two limiting factors: soil pH requirements and rainfall. Some food plot managers can't get the required acid-neutralizing lime to areas where perennial plots are desired or they have soil that can't be neutralized. And food plot managers in some regions often receive less than the 30 inches of minimum rainfall needed for Imperial Clover and Alfa-Rack to thrive.

    "Extreme is the most drought-resistant perennial blend available for whitetail," says Scott. "This amazing product stays green longer than other perennials even during severe drought, scorching heat and bitter cold. It really opens the door to perennial plots in some of the harshest growing regions, including most of Texas and Florida, the mountain West, the Great Plains and Canada - any place that receives at least 15 inches of rainfall a year.

    Extreme will also grow in areas with normal annual rainfalls of up to 60 inches as long as it's planted in soils that drain. Also, while Extreme can withstand lower pH levels than other perennial food plots, it performs even better at levels from 6.0 to 6.5. According to Scott the amazing range of 5.4 to 7.5 makes Extreme the most significant breakthrough in food plot technology since the introduction of Imperial Whitetail Clover in 1988.

    After years of testing at hundreds of sites, Dr. Wiley Johnson and the Institute gave thumbs up to the seed blend and made it available to food plot managers all over North America.

    Institute Director of Forage Research, Dr. Wiley Johnson describes the new product in more detail. The primary component of Extreme is an evergreen forb. This is a very durable plant that produces a deep tap root which allows it to thrive in harsh climatic regions and grow up to 15 inches tall while maintaining high palatability. Along with the evergreen forb, the seed blend includes hardy varieties of chicory and clover.

    "It not only delivers protein, it's extraordinarily attractive to whitetail," Dr. Johnson continues. "As a matter of fact, at test sites around North America, deer crowded into Extreme food plots during all seasons. And many field testers observed deer in the food plots at all times of the day as well. Other wildlife, like turkeys, geese and rabbits are also highly attracted to the product.

    Planting dates for Extreme are in the spring or fall with a few exceptions.

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