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    Nabatak Bandit 200 Series Fishing Lure

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    Product Description

    The 200 series crankbaits are 2 inches long and run 4 to 8 feet deep. This is the best seller of all the Bandit crankbaits. It is an excellent search bait in the spring and fall. It runs as true as any lure made.

    Depth: 4 - 8 ft
    Length: 2 inch

    Baby Bass
    Baby Bass simulates the forage stage of young bass when they are very vulnerable to predation. White body shaded dark olive green with black scales and darker nose with baby bass lateral line.

    Tennessee Shad
    Tennessee Shad is a realistic pattern that imitates shad, a prime bass forage. White body with shaded chartreuse sides, black scales and back, red throat and with shad spot on tail.

    Brown Crawfish/Orange Belly
    Traditional crawfish pattern in brown scales and dark nose with Orange belly. This Crawfish pattern is also available in 6 other color combinations to try a variety of water conditions.

    Chartreuse/Black Back/Scales
    When primary forage is shad and water is off-color, this lure is tops. Black back and scale over fluorescent chartreuse sides with shad spot and red gill.

    Chartreuse/Black Stripe
    A Chartreuse body set off by strong black Back and stripes for high visiblility in stained and/or murky water. Fluorescent Orange throat.

    Pearl/Red Eye
    Pearl Red Eye is a solid Pearl with a bright Red eye dot that serves as a bulls eye for hungry bass.

    Pearl/Chartreuse Back
    Features a Chartreuse back over a Pearl body with pink-red throat. More natural that it appears since white reflects water color.

    Pearl/Black Back
    A very natural pattern that takes on the color of it's surroundings. Good in clear water. Pearl body with Black back and fluorescent pink throat.

    Pearl/Blue Back/Scales
    This lure features the same pattern as #82 but the back is a light Blue scale over a Pearl body. Shad spot and red gill and red throat.

    Chartreuse/Green Back
    Full chartreuse body with darker green back and fluorescent orange throat create a highly visible pattern in stained water.

    Fire Tiger
    An all-time leading pattern featuring a Chartreuse body, green sides, black back and finally a fluorescent Orange belly, topped with black Tiger Stripes.

    Chartreuse/Blue Back
    This is a go-to bait for may fisherman in murky water situations, the chartreuse body has black scales and blue back with orange/red belly.

    Chartreuse/Black Back/Scales
    When primary forage is shad and water is off-color, this lure is tops. Black back and scale over fluorescent chartreuse sides with shad spot and red gill.

    Pearl Splatter Back
    Splatterback colors a believed to mimic missing scales on prey that's been wounded in an ambush. Pearl body with black splatter back, red gill slash, shad spot and yellow belly.

    Blue Spatter Back
    Chartreuse body with a blue splatter on back to simulate the missing scales. Also features an Orange belly.

    Brown Splatter Back
    A Crawfish flavor to the Splatter Back selection with its Chartreuse body Brown splatterback. Orange belly with Black shad spot and red gill.

    Mistake is a unique opportunity to show a bass one color on one cast and a completely different color on the next…without changing lures! Chartreuse body with one side green and the other red with black back and stripes.

    Red Crawfish
    Red and Crawfish patterns are top choices in spring and this lure has both, Red Crawfish has a bright Red body with Black Crawfish pattern and back.

    Red Crawdad
    Pad printed red crawfish with black back.

    Solid Black
    Solid Black creates a constant "profile" against any background. Best choice for night fishing or deep dark water.

    Pearl/Chartreuse Belly
    Chartreuse Belly takes the standard Chartreuse back color and moves it to the belly of this Pearl body.

    Threadfin Shad
    All natural Black scale and back over pearl body that fades from blue into pink. Threadfin has a red gill.

    Unique and natural, Rootbeer is Olive sides with a Brown Splatterback and Orange belly. The entire lure is then dusted with Green sparkle.

    This is a variation of the original Rootbeer flavor with chartreuse body with olive sides, brown splatterback dusted with green sparkle and orange belly.

    Pineapple features a chartreuse body with brown splatter back, olive nose, khaki belly and orange throat.

    Taco Salad
    Another wild combination with Blue scale over Chartreuse body with green scales and back with Orange highlight along the side. Deep red throat and shad spot.

    Original Perch
    Beautifully natural with a Black back over pearl body with shaded Gold sides showing through black scales. Hints of translucent green, orange belly and red throat.

    Sour Apple
    Excellent around grass and good in early spring when new fry are around. Pearl body with green scales and orange throat.

    Wild Thing
    Mature Crawfish. Great all around color and excellent where crawfish are in forage. Chartreuse body with orange sides and purple back and stripes.

    Copper Tiger
    Good when bass are feeding on small crawfish. Excellent for small mouth and spotted bass. Pearl body with orange sides and green back.

    Salad Bar
    This is a good small bream and perch imitation. Excellent around brush piles and grass lines. Chartreuse body with green sides, orange throat, blue silver back and stripes.

    Royal Shad
    Try in clean lakes or slightly off colored water. Excellent in summer months. White body with purple back, chartreuse belly and orange throat. Black shad spot and red eye.

    Chartreuse Shad
    Good Shad pattern with pearl sides blue back and Chartruese stripes.

    Louisiana Shad
    A natural color much like Tennessee Shad featuring a strong Pearl scale pattern over an olive body with black back with orange red throat.

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