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    MCR Safety Toasty Feet Thermal Barrier Insoles

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    Product Description

    Safety Toasty Feet Thermal Barrier Insoles by MCR will keep your feel warm and cozy. Shoes and even winter boots are always going to become the temperature of the ground they are on. Soles of shoes and boots are made of durable materials designed to protect the bottoms of your feet and to resist abrasion. The problem with this design is that these materials are also excellent thermal conductors. This means that the heat from your foot is going to travel through your shoe and be lost to the ground. When this happens your feet will become cold and you become uncomfortable.

    As we all know, it does not have to be freezing out for you to have cold feet. A house that is 70 degrees is typically comfortable, but unfortunately it does not take long for your feet on a 70 degree surface to become cold. The same is true for hot surfaces like blacktop pavements. On those hot summer days when you can fry an egg on the street your feet are going to get hot!

    The answer is Toasty Feet Thermal Barrier Insoles. They provide your footwear with the only thermal barrier which is thin enough to wear in everyday footwear and which has the outstanding thermal performance demanded by astronauts. Toasty Feet inserts will keep your feet comfortable all year long. When placed on a block of dry ice, Toasty Feet insoles provide an effective barrier to cold, keeping feet a comfortable 72 degrees. Toasty Feet insoles are trim-to-fit and are thin enough to fit in any shoe or boot.


    • Trim-to-fit
    • Thin enough to fit in any shoe or boot
    • Keep feet at a comfortable 72 degrees
    • Thermal barrier made with aerogel
    • Keeps your feet comfortable all year long

    Specifications and additional product information
    How do Toasty Feet Insoles Work?
    The thermal barrier is nanotechnology aerogel. This technology, developed for use in outer space by NASA, provides the most effective barrier to heat loss and gain through the sole of your shoes. Without the protection, your feet will become the temperature of the ground or surface on which you are standing. With the patented aerogel insulation, your foot temperature will remain constantly comfortable, avoiding the heat loss and gain you would otherwise experience. Unlike traditional insulators, aerogel does not lose its effectiveness when compressed – so Toasty Feet can withstand pressure underfoot without losing insulating performance. Nanotechnology in footwear keeps your feet comfortable!

    What’s Behind the Performance of Toasty Feet? Provides 39 times more insulating capacity than the best fiberglass insulation. It is 1,000 times less dense than glass.

    What is Aerogel?
    Aerogel is the lightest and lowest density solid known to exist. It is typically 50-99.5% air, yet can hold (theoretically) 500 to 4,000 times its weight in applied force. Aerogel can have surface areas ranging from 250 to 3,000 square meters per gram, meaning that a cubic inch (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm) of aerogel flattened- out (again theoretically) would have more surface area than an entire football field! Aerogel’s super low density makes it useful as a lightweight structural material, and its super high internal surface area makes it a super insulating solid material. Aerogel is not like conventional foams, but is a special porous material with extreme microporosity on a micron scale. For those of you who have always wanted to touch an aerogel, it feels like styrofoam. Silica aerogel is transparent with a blue color.
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    Randy from Winston Salem NC
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    It works
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    It actually worked. Wore it when it was 23 degrees out and though my feet weren't "warm" they were not as cold as usual.
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    "Love Mack's. Great job." - Verified Buyer, April 2017