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Item #: BEN10011

Benelli Super Black Eagle II 26 Inch 12 Gauge Shotgun - Satin Walnut

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Sorry! This item is no longer available.
Sorry, this item is no longer available.
Product Description

Benelli Super Black Eagle II is on the cutting edge of shotgun innovation. All other shotguns and shotgun brands are judged in comparison to the Super Black Eagle II. This inertia driven shotgun is the fastest shooting shotgun in the world while having up to 48 less recoil with the same amount of moving parts. The Benelli Super Black Eagle line of shotguns was the original 3.5 inch 12 gauge shotgun, and thus has the most experience with that caliber. The inertia driven bolt can handle all 2.75, 3, and 3.5 inch rounds without modifications or adjustments.

The Super Black Eagle II weighs 13 to 15 percent less than the competition, which equates to about one pound less. A ComforTech system reduces muzzle climb by 15 percent, allowing target reaquisition to be 69 percent faster.

Inertia Driven System:
Simplicity is the deciding factor of the best and most reliable guns. The three parts of the inertia system are the bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head. This system can cycle anything from light trap loads to 3.5 inch magnum field loads. The inertia system stays cleaner by keeping the gas, burnt powder, and smoke in the barrel where they are supposed to be. The reduced mass in the inertia system helps the gun cycle faster. Steel locking lugs lock the bolt in place during firing and they lock even tighter during firing.

ComforTech System:
Benelli reached out to computer specialists, material scientists, and design engineers to help design a new recoil system for shotguns. Their work resulted in the ComforTech system, a revolutionary system that is subject to the laws of physics, but its design and materials reduce recoil as much as 48 percent over the competition. The new recoil pad is designed to spread the recoil across your entire shoulder. The pad is made of a more shock absorbing material with no hard inner structures that would hit your shoulder. The computer designed stock flexes into the recoil reducing material to further reduce recoil. Recoil pads designed for Super Black Eagle shotguns are specific to which shoulder you use to even further customize and reduce recoil.

Crio System:
Cryogenic treated metal becomes smoother, and more even grained than regular steel. Cryogenically treated steel is changed at the molecular level when exposed to temperatures less than negative 300 degrees F. This extreme cold relieves all stresses related with the design and construction of Benelli barrels. This slicker barrel holds patterns longer and stays clean much longer. When combined with a longer and also cryogenically treated choke tube the pattern and accuracy is much better than all other factory barrels and choke tubes.

AirTouch Grip:
The AirTouch grip surface gives the user a much better surface to hold onto in wet or dry conditions. The surface is not too aggressive for bare hands, and comes standard on all ComforTech stocks. The advanced molding techniques used by Benelli make this AirTouch checkering pattern the best in the world.

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dave l. from sioux falls, s.d. usa
more bang for your buck
How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need?
I give it the highest rating, I hunt geese, ducks , pheasants and grouse with it. it is one of the best all around shotguns of all times
What do you like or dislike about the features?
light weight, swings fast and little recoil. when I shoulder the gun , it is right on point.
Do you think this item is a good value?
yes, I paid a little more for a very high quality shotgun. this gun will last a lifetime.
Which flyway do you hunt in?
I hunt the central flyway in north and south Dakota.
Please give your general opinion of this product.
superior quality at a reasonable price, this gun is a true lifetime investment.
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Customer Comments
"Its the only company I deal with because I'm comfortable." Feb 2015