Sims Vibration Laboratory Customer Comments "We recently moved out of state and can no longer take our frequent trips to Mack's anymore. We miss it, and love it so much we continue to shop with them online, and follow the store on facebook! Love Mack's Prairie Wings! " June 2014

Sims Vibration Laboratory: LimbSaver

LimbSaver Cable Slide
From  $12.99ex VAT$15.26inc VAT
Made of pure virgin Teflon, the Sims Cable Slide made for a 3/8” cable guard, produces an ultra-quiet shot, extends bus cable life and virtually eliminates the chatter from a wet cable guard. In some cases,
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer
From  $19.99ex VAT$23.49inc VAT
How can you be assured of getting the most for your money? Simple: stick with SVL. By taking this concept one step farther, LimbSaver has designed a new stabilizer that is more effective than the competition, at a
LimbSaver Alphashox Split Limb Vibration Reducer
From  $22.99ex VAT$27.01inc VAT
Designed specifically for maximum performance on all Hoyt Split Limb Bows with their patented ¾” spacing, this new design allows easy installation without requiring additional brackets. Eliminates excess vibration
LimbSaver Slip-On ReCoil Pad
From  $34.99ex VAT$41.11inc VAT
The slip on recoil pad offers a quick solution for shooters wanting a product that works. Designed for easy installation the new Limbsaver slip on recoil pad incorporates three revolutionary steps for maximum
Limb Saver Recoil Pad Beretta 5 3/8 Stocks
From  $34.99ex VAT$41.11inc VAT
Limb Saver Recoil Pad Beretta 5 3/8
LimbSaver Browning Gold Wood and Ruger M77 / No. 1
List Price:$39.99Save:$5.00 (13%)
From  $34.99ex VAT$41.11inc VAT
The LimbSaver Browning Gold Wood and Ruger M77 and No. 1 recoil pad features the Limbsaver Precision-Fit recoil system that was designed for all shooting and hunting sports. The recoil pad has and innovative
LimbSaver Silent Stealth Spray
From  $14.99ex VAT$17.61inc VAT
Stop Noise Now! New Silent Armor is great for boats, automotive, ATV’s and tree stands. Reduces up to 90% of noise by dampening shock and vibration. Prevents rust and corrosion and is designed for all weather
LimbSaver Fall Away Drop Pad
From  $5.99ex VAT$7.04inc VAT
The LimbSaver Fall Away Drop Pad incorporates NAVCOM material reducing the impact noise and vibration of a fall-away rest with the shelf of your riser. The collapsible pillar nodes decelerate the impact from the
Limb Saver Silent Armor
List Price:$15.99Save:$14.00 (88%)
From  $1.99ex VAT$2.34inc VAT
Limb Saver Silent Armor is a rubberized, sound-deadening, quick-drying material. This is designed to be sprayed on treestands, steps, ladders and backpack frames or any other outdoor-related accessories to help