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    Lifeproof Cell Phone Dock Adapter
    From  $29.99      $35.24

    Lifeproof Dock Adapter is a straight through 30 pin male to female adapter with all pins connected. Compact and lightweight at a mere 4 grams. Provides a compact 0.8 inch extension with slim 30 pin male connector
    Lifeproof Samsung Galaxy S3 Cell Phone Case - fre
    From  $79.99      $93.99

    Achieve out of this world protection for your smartphone with the Lifeproof Samsung Galaxy S3 Cell Phone Case. LifeProof fre Waterproof Galaxy S3 Case protects from drops, dirt, splashes and full submersion, while
    Lifeproof Galaxy S4 Black Phone Case - nüüd
    From  $89.99      $105.74

    Your Galaxy S4 is made for a world of infinite possibilities, unless those possibilities include water, drops, dirt or snow. So, tap into your phone's unlimited potential with nüüd for Galaxy S4.
    Lifeproof iPhone 5C Cell Case - fre
    From  $79.99      $93.99

    Protect your expensive iPhone with the Lifeproof iPhone 5C Cell Case. The clearly cool case for your colorfully cool phone, the iPhone 5C fre case delivers the legendary four proof protection you expect from