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Mojo 12 Volt Flyway Feeder Motion Duck Decoy
From  $99.99ex VAT      $117.49inc VAT
If you want to kill ducks, make your decoy spread look natural! Mojo is proud to present its the most effective and user friendly butt-up feeding motion decoy to this day - the Mojo 12 Volt Flyway Feeder Mallard
Avery FFD Head Protectors - 12 Pack
From  $14.99ex VAT      $17.61inc VAT
Avery FFD Head Protectors come in a package of one dozen. The head protector increases you decoy life and protects your expensive investment. The FFD decoy head protectors are made of polyester and spandex so you
Flambeau Stormfront Premium Mallard Duck Decoy - 6 Pack
Price: $42.99
Save: $10.75 (25%)
From  $32.24ex VAT      $37.88inc VAT
The Flambeau Premium Mallard Duck Decoy is one of Flambeau’s life-size realistic duck decoys. Flambeau uses intricate feather detail and life-like and natural paint schemes to produce duck decoys that mirror
GHG Pro Grade Life Size Mallard Duck Decoys
From  $74.99ex VAT      $88.11inc VAT
GHG FFD Elite Full Body Honker Goose Decoy Packs
From  $199.99ex VAT      $234.99inc VAT